Trans Training & Learning

The information on this page is part of the #TransTerps campaign and is especially designed for individuals at UMD who wish to learn more about transgender and gender identity issues through online trainings. For finding trans community or how to navigate the institution's resources, please go to the trans resources page. For information about good practices that an office or organization can implement, please go to the trans good practices page.

Trans Online Training and Learning

Many of the following trainings are not specifically about transgender issues, but about LGBTQ+ issues more broadly. However, in many of them the majority of the content is actually about trans issues and gender identity, so we encourage you to make good use of these resources.

Pronouns Video

LGBTQ+ Terminology and Concepts:

Trans Inclusive Language and Practices:

LGBTQ+ People of Color and Intersectionality:

LGBTQ+ Inclusion in the Classroom:

LGBT Inclusion in the Workplace:

This video is often used to open up in-person conversation and training, but could also be useful as a form of online learning.