Rainbow Terrapin Network

The Rainbow Terrapin Network is a campus-wide network of staff, faculty, and students on UMD's campus committed to campus inclusion for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer folks and beyond. Historically, this took the form of in-person trainings. Today, this takes the form of community-driven action for institutional improvement, and has in recently years focused primarily on trans issues through the #TransTerps campaign.

Much of the content covered in our former standardized trainings is now available through online learning modules. Further, if you are interested broadly in diversity training and education, you may wish to contact our partners in the Diversity Training & Education, where you can request trainings.

If you are seeking panelists to speak to LGBTQ+ issues of a general nature - such as sharing narratives and answering questions (not necessarily to provide customized, specific information or training activities), then you may wish to request a Speakers Bureau panel.

While our staffing capacity is limited for providing custom training, we are occasionally able to help your campus department or group. For a special request, email us directly at lgbt@umd.edu or call us at 301-405-8720 with information about the needs of your organization.