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Changing your name or gender markers at UMD

To change your name on all documents at the University of Maryland, you must obtain a Court Order. Students will need to provide a copy to the Office of the Registrar. Once you present the Court Order, all appearances of your name under their control will be changed to the new name. If you are employed on campus, you must present the Court Order to Human Resources. Typically, you will go through the person responsible for payroll and other human resource issues within the department where you work. If you are both a student and an employee, you will need to do both.

How you obtain a Court Order depends on the jurisdiction where you live. In the State of Maryland, you must apply to the Circuit Court of the county (or City of Baltimore) where you reside. The exact procedures vary from one county to another and may change from time to time. You might wish to consult with a lawyer on this process. Student Legal Aid may be able to help, or if you are not a student you might seek out a community legal clinic.