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Rainbow Terrapin Network

The Rainbow Terrapin Network was a campus-wide network of staff, faculty, and students on UMD's campus committed to campus inclusion for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer folks and beyond. Historically, this took the form of in-person trainings. Today, this takes the form of community-driven action for institutional improvement, and previously focused primarily on trans issues through the #TransTerps campaign.

#TransTerps Campaign

The #TransTerps project was formally launched in 2017. It was an element of the Rainbow Terrapin Network and an ongoing campus-wide campaign to improve the campus climate for trans people by identifying, disseminating, and implementing good practices for trans inclusion.

Rainbow terrapin network logo with the UMD shell and the rainbow colors on top mimicking a WiFi signal.
Smiling group selfie in front of a big Trans Terps sign