Awards & Scholarships


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Please read this carefully and then proceed. Anyone may nominate someone or self-nominate for the following awards, as long as the potential recipient is eligible for that particular award.

Lavender Leadership Honor Society Recognitions

To be given by the Lavender Leadership Honor Society.

To apply for honor society membership, please apply directly or have others apply directly at this separate form:


Rising Stars

The recipient of a Rising Star is a first or second year undergraduate student at UMD who has demonstrated a high level of participation/involvement in LGBTQ+ communities/initiatives on or off campus.


Special Recognitions

The recipient of a Special Recognition is an undergraduate or graduate student at UMD, to recognize leadership over the past year in a particular area or project that impacts UMD campus LGBTQ+ issues/community.


Prism: The LGBTQ+ Staff, Faculty, and Graduate Student Association Awards

To be given as part of Lavender Graduation.


Champion of Our Community Click here to view previous winners.

The recipient of the Champion of Our Community award is an LGBTQ+ member of staff, faculty, or administration at UMD, who has made distinguished contributions to the LGBTQ+ communities. 


Defender of Diversity Click here to view previous winners.

The recipient the Defender of Diversity award is an ally to LGBTQ+ communities and a member of staff, faculty, or administration at UMD, who has made distinguished contributions to the LGBTQ+ communities.


LGBTQ+ Equity Center Awards

To be given as part of Lavender Graduation.


Graduate Student Involvement Award Click here to view previous winners.

The recipient of the Graduate Student Involvement Award is a graduate student at UMD who has been directly involved with LGBTQ+ communities at UMD.


Pride and Advocacy Award  Click here to view previous winners.

The recipient of the Pride and Advocacy Award is someone who has demonstrated exceptional leadership during the past year resulting in a positive impact on UMD's campus LGBTQ+ communities. The recipient may anyone, including undergraduate and graduate students, staff, faculty, administrators, and also alumni and friends of the campus.


President's Commission on LGBTQ+ Issues Award
To be given as part of Lavender Graduation.

Freedom & Liberation Medal
The recipient of the Freedom & Liberation Medal is an individual who is deserving special recognition by reason of their outstanding contributions to and/or advancement of LGBTQ+ communities on campus or beyond, evaluated comprehensively based on their entire portfolio of work over time, considering the impact, sustainability, and innovativeness of their contributions. This is the highest honor of the Commission. This award is given in exceptional circumstances and is not awarded every year.



The LGBT Equity Scholarship is financed by the LGBT Scholarship Fund and administered by the LGBTQ+ Equity Center. Recipients must be full-time students at the University of Maryland, College Park, who have demonstrated a commitment to promoting civil rights for and preventing discrimination against LGBT people. In June, a call for applications is issued by the Office of Student Financial Aid and the LGBTQ+ Equity Center. Awards are determined and awarded for the fall semester. Applicants must submit a short statement (maximum of 2 pages, double spaced) outlining their qualifications for the scholarship. They must also submit an unofficial transcript and at least one letter of recommendation. Further instructions on how to apply are included in the call for applications. The number of awards and the precise amount depend on the available assets in the endowment. In recent years, the typical scholarship award amount has been $1,500.